Friday, 13 April 2012

☆Star Look European Fashion ☆

☆Star Look European Fashion ☆ Thank you Lisana Rossen for announcing our Styling European Theme and Thank you Ms Vicky Yongbo for being our judge tonight. 1. Liberty 2. Dannyluynn 3. Marya Glamorous DANNYLUYNN Good evening ladies and gentleman,Hello My name is  Liberty Lighthouse, The theme of the event is, Star Look European Fashion Theme... I chose to wear this Absolutely beautiful   Dress made of newspapers from HOUSE OF EUROPE,When I seen this dress I was star struck, How cool is it that I can walk around in a dress made of newspaper!!..I also  chose to wear my favored  black top hat with black roses that goes around my hat and drapes down one side of my face, also  my short black laced gloves, my black  necklace and open toe high heels to finish off the  European look. Thank you all for coming out this evening and I would like to thank Didier for making this wonderful Outstanding!  dress xoxoxox Lovely LIBERTY Well Hello everyone, Hope everyone is haing a wonderful Spring Day:) Well here I am again, trying my best with what I had to portray. I thought 'EUROPE' Hmmm, Well, Let's go with my 'Favorite Thing' That ever came from Europe. 'THE BEATLES' Can I get an 'wOoTwOoT' Gotta love the 'Beatles' So I looked for a tux that resembled but to no avail I didnt find it. But...:) I decided, 'Hey Im a girl anyway, so decided to sex it up and update the look. So I choose a tux type ensemble from UK COUTURE called 'tru Couture Black'  and replaced pants for a a girl then went with the great hair from Vanity called Crazy Horse. I hope you have enjoyed the 'Beatles' Thanks everyone:) Liberty Goodevening Ladies and Gentlemen,my name is Marya Bloch, welcome to today's Styling Star Look European Fashion Theme I worn for you  Lady (hO) Gaga by HoWear that is a really sexy  black mini outfit . Shades and nylons are in this outfit too. My green  Glow - Paradise - Large by PXL be outlined from primlashes Look at me by CCD eyeshadow style5 by Madrid Solo and  Face Tattoo TRPH2 Cooper by White~Widow. To complete the outfit i worn  ERYN blonde Hair by Emotions , Nails and Earrings by Finesmith. And my boots are Road Queen by Duce .

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